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[HOW-TO] use djmount with Moode
Djmount is somewhat ancient, and its quality and stability can be somewhat of an issue. However it is a very fast and convenient way to connect to alternative dlna sources. In this guide I will show a setup that is compatible with Moode and its library structure.

The main issue is djmount stability. However tis is not a djmount issue, but actually comes from libupnp that crashes.
The solution to this is adding a newer version of libupnp with a small adjustment that makes reconnect tries faster, causing djmount not to get killed.

you can download the updated libupnp package here (sources are available if anyone is interested):
- libixml
- libupnp

copy these to your Moode box, and install them as root with:
dpkg -i libixml10_1.8.2-hjh1_armhf.deb libupnp10_1.8.2-hjh1_armhf.deb

mounting with djmount goes like this (in ssh as root):
djmount -o allow_other,nonempty,iocharset=utf-8 /mnt/djmount > /dev/null 2>&1

First off: djmount will create a structure with subfolders that looks like this:

          ----- <browse folders>
          ----- <Artist>
          ----- <Album>
          ----- <etc....>

the problem with this is that you will see the same song in all of the sub-folders. This is a problem with the Moode library, as this will indeed see your song once for each time it appears in these sub-folders.

The solution is this:
use ssh to enter your Moode box, and create a new mount point for djmount, like so (as root):
mkdir /mnt/djmount
you will want to mount your djmount to this location.
now, remove the UPNP mount point, and replace it with a link to your <Browse Folders> (in case you have multiple sources, leave UPNP in place, and put the links inside UPNP)
ln -s /mnt/djmount/<servername>/Browse\ Folders/ /mnt/UPNP

Now, update your UPNP folder in the browse view of moode. Your files are now available and will be indexed and visible in the Moode library.

To make the mount stick over boot, add in /etc/rc.local:
djmount -o allow_other,nonempty,iocharset=utf-8 /mnt/djmount > /dev/null 2>&1


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