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Solved: One radio does not add to playlist like it should [5.2]
I'm trying my best to crash moOde with radios... again, same friend asked me for some french islands music.
Here we go, just found that link:
I've tried it in Firefox to avoid the same as the previous rotten URL. Nice, the browser plays it. (beside a soon to be discovered terrible sound).
Added the radio, wanted to play it... OMG, no more access to the playlist, stuck on the last stream played for ever. Tried many things before thinking of downloading 5.3 again... and finally to unstuck moOde: removed the radio, selected the default playlist and chose clear and add. Ok It was back to business. (I know this is a too long story, those with a train to catch can go).
Try it in VLC, it's a nightmare or some extraterrestrials' hidden message.

Remove the [;] solved it for moOde.
Lesson learned.

I don't know if a line or two like a warning somewhere in moOde should warn people about validating stream URL in a soft like VLC in order to avoid difficulties saving moOde.
Anyway it's in the forum now.

(05-20-2019, 12:31 PM)TheOldPresbyope Wrote: Don't get me started about mining "hidden" stream URLs via the Chrome/Firefox Dev Console!

Well I'm waiting for it =)

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