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Bug reports: why we need hardware desciption
A recent issue on the Raspberry Pi Linux github repo ( illustrates why we need complete hardware descriptions in your bug reports. 

In this issue, it was reported that downloads were stalling on kernel 4.19.40. Because the chipsets on different RPi models differ (for this issue, notably the LAN controller chip), "[T]his only affects rpi B, B+, 2B, 3B boards using the ethernet connection. 3B+, Wifi, or other network devices are not affected."

I believe that this issue has affected some of us (even in the UPnP discussion; you know who you are) but that's not my point here. I believe this issue is a perfect illustration of why we need your bug reports to include not just a statement of moOde and DAC, but of the RPI model and its connection to your LAN, of other USB devices, hubs, and other devices or connections. It's easy enough for us to ignore information we don't need but impossible for us to make progress without the information we do need.

As my late wife was fond of saying, "be specific to be terrific!"


PS - Speaking of hardware, please please please be sure you have adequate power supply and power-connecting cable. While the page is out of date in some regards, its discussion of power supply problems is still relevant.
A simple idea is to use the signature to state the setup. I've done it just because you asked Wink

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