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Update sources from command line?
(05-04-2018, 01:31 PM)TheOldPresbyope Wrote:
(05-04-2018, 11:08 AM)sjoerdju Wrote: ...

The problem is not as much that the CDs are not recognised (at least in my case) but that the tags and metadata are incorrect or just plain weird. A classical pieces has for example a famous composer, choir, director, orchestra, etc. Sometimes the artist named is the composer or the orchestra instead of the composer for example. This makes it hard to identify the CD afterward.

Yeah, that's my problem too, and I've tried just about every online database. I've ripped multi-CD operas where the metadata from online sources isn't consistent even among the constituent CDs.

Classical music is hard because there's much more musicological information which could be tagged and little agreement in the community about what should be tagged and how. No "one ring to rule them all". This surprises me a little given the passion of us classical enthusiasts but that's life. For a fun waste of an afternoon, try searching on phrases like "the best way to tag classical music".

The horribly minimalist title/artist/album straight-jacket of the original ID3 Tag schema didn't help either. People got really creative with their track titles and artist names. Later versions of ID3 are much better---closer to the way I might define a primitive database---but old habits die hard. 

Incidentally, Apple has published a nicely written style guide:

I've done most of my ripping in Windows because the tools available seemed more complete, I suppose because it's a bigger market, but that's just a matter of taste.

@DRONE7 - yes, a lot of classical fans rip CDs (even LPs!); there are just so few of us Tongue 

I'm sure you're aware of:

A good read particularly on tagging.

Don't use it myself but MusiCHI is an option. A site such as prestoclassical is useful for operas. With dBpoweramp for ripping, jriver for organisation and minimserver to make those tags work for you. It's worth the initial effort.
Thanks sjoerdju for the beets info... most interesting and solved a drive full of orphan rips needing artwork.. :-)

I have since revisited my abcde config and setups..... The time and travails to configure for format, drive offset, artwork etc was becoming onerous with each and every os upgrade...(Ubuntu you need a rolling release ;-)  )

Sooooo I downloaded and wrote to a live usb install, Daphile. (sort of MoOde for x86)
It has a ripper that is abcde base, has offset calibration, musicbrainz(s), lookup and 'accurate rip' checking all as checkbox defaults...:-)

I have an old HP t5470 thin client with 2Gb ram and 2Gb flash that just fits daphile.
Add an external cd/dvd drive and configure.
An old laptop or tower would be fine and everything can run from the Daphile live usb so just plug n play for ripping duties.

All headless and independent of main o/s and Moode player. No hit to resources on those setups... ;-)

I would attach images but this forum says 'can't nahnahnah' and gives no options or ?
(sneaky workaround ;-))


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