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Idea: Ramplay.
Making /run useful as a Ramdisk would require a Feature to be developed and implemented cos it would have to be configured afresh during startup.

I'm still not sure what the benefit is over just playing tracks from disk storage. They are buffered in memory anyway before playing them and so same as Ramdisk.
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yes... totally agree. For attached devices NAS, USB etc buffering is the only way to achieve quality continuous stream.

Ramplay is  a nice to have option. But would only be one more thing to support and has a very low priority...

Now, I have it working and I've just been advised my Pi4/4 is being shipped I can play further. That'll do me.
As I mentioned earlier I will be recording using arecord into the tmpfs and this will allow me to audition the recording via moOde before I move it to my pc for editing.
Right, off to see if I can monitor said file as it is recorded...think the HiFiBerry adc hat might allow that....

Thanks for the help !!

A ramdisk idea.... on boot load moOde o/s from saved state sd-card to ramdisk.... moves read/writes to a very fast robust filesystem and upon shutdown write updated state back to the sd card....

another of my weird ideas with no cognisance of what might be involved... Smile  but hey, you made the clock radio and playback history ideas work... Cool 

Next week will get another disposable debit card and flick a donation...  Smile

This new 5 series is great !
Thanks so much for your continued positivity and commitment...we need to praise, recognise, and remunerate you more often... you're the BEST !


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