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Power supplies
I built a nice linear power supply using two 7805s, one for the Raspberry Pi and one for an Allo DAC. The DAC side worked fine, but a 7805 can't supply enough current for the Pi. So, I built a separate, well-filtered linear supply for the DAC and bought a 2.5 amp SMPS for the Pi. That's in place now and sounds great. I didn't think that I would like this streaming business that much, but I do. I haven't tried any of the other DACs or drivers but the stack listed below is quite musical.

Raspberry Pi 3 with 2.5 amp with SMPS
Allo Boss DAC 1.2 with regulated linear power
MoOde Audio 4.1 using the IIR filter
Lenovo Tab 3 as a controller
KT88 SE amp (ultralinear)
Transmission line speakers
Powered subs

I plan to redo my original supply with LM317s, which should deliver enough current to run th Pi.

This was fun!


TL's and Subs are a great combo. What brands/models are u using ? I used to have a super rare set of DCM Time Window Squared speaks :-)

Allo's product line is leading edge. Watch for their upcoming Katana DAC and Nirvana PSU. Great stuff :-)

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(05-03-2018, 02:36 PM)Tim Curtis Wrote: TL's and Subs are a great combo. What brands/models are u using ? I used to have a super rare set of DCM Time Window Squared speaks :-)

Oh, the DCMs must have been nice. I am a diy type, so the t-lines are a design of my own based on a half Chili Chang design that was popular a few years back. I am using a 8" 'full range' drivers with a Linaeum tweeter bolted on top. No cross over, just a cap to roll off the tweeter. The subs are 10" front-firing Polks, one for each side. But the key is a derived center channel via the Hafler/Klipsch design running a small LX5.

Thoughts on the FIR or IIR setting for an Allo Boss?


Thats a really nice minimalist design, plus the vintage 3-channel enhancement :-)

The DCM TW^2's had very complex x-over network [controls on back of head cab are High Frequency Dispersion, Mid Frequency Dispersion and Tweeter Level] but goal was similar to 3-channel, to produce more enjoyable "sound stage". The head cabs had front firing mid/high drivers and side-firing mid/high drivers (the "dispersion" feature). Interesting design.

The PCM 5xxx digital filter options seem to be more for Recording Studio applications ??? than end-user listening where things like EQ, Loudness and other DSP produce noticeable changes in the the sound.

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I am using a Military Linear regulated 5V PSU for the Allo Boss Dac 1.2. The power does not go ther the USB-C port. I am using pin headers on the Boss Dac. I use an IFI Ipower 5V PSU for the PI connected at the pin headers on the boos Dac. I run moode 4.1 and it is a truly musical sounding system. Will a linear PSU for the Pi make a big difference compared to the IFI?
(05-25-2018, 07:04 PM)Lizard_King Wrote: Military Linear regulated 5V PSU

That's interesting, any more on that? Pics, source...
Here's another linear supply that has current to spare and doesn't rely on voltage regulator packages ....

Another thread about power supplies:

BTW I may report soon on my L-Adapter.

[Image: 769478d1563643066-adapter-ladapterwip-jpg]
Quote:BTW I may report soon on my L-Adapter.

I'll look forward to that.. Smile 
My L-Adapter boards just arrived and I'm about to order the parts from Mouser.

I've ordered 2 and plan to use the other as a replacement for an HP 520 thinclient smps.


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