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Unable to use space in WiFi SSID
Huh I'm experiencing a problem with setting up WiFi on a Raspberry 3B with Hifiberry DAC + Pro and Moode v5.3.  Everything works in splendid fashion with wired Ethernet at my home but when I take the player to my work site and need to connect via WiFi, I cannot configure to their setup that uses a space in the SSID.  When I attempt to edit the SSID and place a space, it will not accept it ("PITT Pro" for example).
Examine the wpa supplicant file and verify that the SSID is correct and enclosed in double quotes.

sudo cat /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf
It turns out that "not permitting me to enter a space into a SSID" was being caused by Microsoft Edge running on a Windows 10 desktop machine.  When I edited the SSID with a space in it I would consistently get a dialog box stating "You must use this format" when I clicked on OK.

If I used Internet Explorer on a Windows 7 machine I didn't have the issue, nor did I have the issue when using Firefox on either of the machines.

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