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Linear Power and the Pi Zero

For about a year I've been a very happy Moode user on my Pi Zero W with a PhatDAC running off an "off the shelf" wall wart switching power supply, which was perfectly adequate for my first and original system.

Over this year though I've tried a few new sets of speakers, new amps, etc and things are sounding much much better, to the point I think the next thing due for an upgrade is the source. At this stage I think I'm content enough with the performance offered by the Pi Zero and the PhatDAC, but I've been wraping my head around the benefits of a Linear Power Supply and it sounds like that could give them a nice little boost.

The question I have though is that most of the time when I see people talking about their upgrades to an LPS they're connecting them to the DAC directly or to the pins on the Pi or something along those lines. I was just wondering if the same approach is possible and recommended on the Pi Zero, because I've seen very few direct references between them and LPS's.

On the topic of upgrading though I've also seen that the Allo miniBOSS has some kind of power filtering on the board. How effective is that? I'm kind of curious about how well the miniBOSS on a wall wart would compare to the PhatDAC on an LPS. I'm also tempted just to get one of the larger, faster Pi's along with one of the more upmarket DACs with a proper power supply and call it a day.

Any thoughts or recommendations? I just keep adding new variables the more I think about it and don't know enough about the underlying electronics to start filtering things out.


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