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[HOWTO] Automated CD ripping, tagging and adding to collection
Thanks for that!  I'm here to report that your instructions were clear enough for a linux newbie to follow with success.

A did add a few minor tweaks on abcde.conf:
- 'musicbrainz' wasn't assigned the correct genres for my music. So I added all the sources. Updated line: CDDBMETHOD=musicbrainz,cddb,cdtext
- For some strange reasons yet to be diagnosed, the album art wasn't showing in moOde. So I removed the 'embedalbumart' and the art is now added as a separate jpg file that moOde displays. Updated line: ACTIONS=cddb,read,encode,tag,getalbumart,cue,move,clean

I added this to the end of /etc/samba/smb.conf so I could manage my music collection from my desktop computer:
comment = USB Storage
path = /media
read only = No
guest ok = Yes

To make the directory for the ripped CDs writable, I did "sudo chmod 775 /media/cdrips" (Originally it was readable, but not writable)

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