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Bad quality sound on MoodeAudio 6.x
(08-31-2019, 02:00 PM)JST1963 Wrote: Imho it is very simple….
Setting the wrong sampling rate for SoX can you give hugh distortions. You  (@Jedrek ) probably though that upscaling to the highest bitrate and frequency would give you the best result.
Maybe you thought wrong... I even believe your DAC, the HifiBerry DAC+ Pro, can't even handle these settings.

And just as everybody else here says: put the EQ back to flat level, I would also say (for the second time) disable this SoX parameter. Start from scratch...If you're still not happy, change one parameter at a time. Don't just copy what you had in an older version…

I will try again.
HifiBerry DAC+ Pro can handle these settings. no any system problems.

Please don't close this thread … i will answer when i find the acceptable settings

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