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Bad quality sound on MoodeAudio 6.x
(09-07-2019, 10:49 PM)fmaxwell Wrote:
(08-31-2019, 05:26 PM)Jedrek Wrote: HifiBerry DAC+ Pro can handle these settings.
The maximum supported sampling rate is 192kHz according to the manufacturer.  There's also no point feeding a 32 bit signal into a DAC with a SINAD of -92dB.  That's 4dB shy of the dynamic range of a 16 bit audio CD, there is no reason to pump 20, 24, or 32 bit samples into it (other than convenience if the music's native format has samples larger than 16 bits).

Disable SoX resampling.  It won't improve the sound and it may degrade it. You don't get something for nothing.  Blowing up a 16 bit/44.1 kHz track to 32 bit/352.8 kHz is like taking a 400x400 pixel JPEG image and blowing it up to 4196 x 4196.  It doesn't get sharper as a result.

(08-31-2019, 05:26 PM)Jedrek Wrote: Please don't close this thread … i will answer when i find the acceptable settings

Don't try to "find the acceptable settings." Just perform the specific tests and tell us the results so that we could help debug the issue you describe.  The goal here is not just to make your sound better.  It's to determine if there is a problem in the software (app, OS, or driver) that needs to be fixed to benefit many people.

  1. Have you turned the EQ off to see if the distortion goes away?  I don't care whether you want it on, or whether it was on in moOde 5.x.  Set Parametric EQ and Graphic EQ to "Off."  Then listen and tell us whether the distortion goes away.
  2. Have you disabled SoX resampling?  If not, disable it and tell us whether the distortion goes away.
  3. Have you set Analog Gain to -6dB?  If not, please do so and tell us whether the distortion goes away.  Note that this will decrease the overall volume, but you can compensate for that elsewhere.
Please perform those steps and tell us what happens.

Ad. 1. If I turned off EQ then the signal audio is without distortion ! (only with moodeaudio 6.x, because with moodeaudio 5.x this setting is allways without distortions)
Ad. 2. On me, the any changes of setting SoX (on/off) ot changes sound quality !
Ad. 3. I was write on previous post, …. any settings for analog not changing and eliminate distortions, because distortions was created on digital signal, before converting to analog. 

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