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Bad quality sound on MoodeAudio 6.x
Hi. According to forum rules, I'm not starting a new thread, since this one already exists and complies with my issue (I hope so Smile )

I've got a brand new Rpi4 + Hifiberry DAC+ Pro. Naturally, I installed the latest Moode 6.5.2 release, since this is my first time experience with it. The setup went smooth, music playback works fine.
However, when I enable Graphic EQ, the sound becomes distorted. This happens, with both volume control set to Software or Disabled, but in case of Software I am able to remove the distortion by lowering the volume. Now, with Disabled option, no matter what I do (set output to -6 dB, decrease ALSA volume to 50 etc), the distortion is still there. The only workaround is to completely disable the EQ. Also, JFYI, I'm not using SoX resampling, and the EQ I use is Vinyl Touch.
Searching this forum for similar reports I came across few other posts, where people complain for exact same thing, and from what I learned so far, it was OK on Moode 5. So, if their assumption is correct, Moode 6 uses higher volume on digital side, which introduces distortion at least with this DAC when EQ is on.

Let me know, if you need more information. It would be great to have a fix in near future. Thank you!

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