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Bad quality sound on MoodeAudio 6.x
If you noticed, it also sounds louder with EQ on. Anyway, I reinstalled Moode from scratch, even tried a different power supply (just in case), still getting same result.
I do strongly believe, this is incorrect behavior of EQ itself or its interaction with MPD, or the alsa, in general, as the datastream, which arrives at DAC's input, is already distorted after passing thru EQ filter.

UPDATE. I experimented with Flat setting; lowering all bands from default 66 to 56 removes any distortion, increasing it back to 66 and higher adds up distortion and it gets more and more prominent with sliders moved up.

Recorded with modified Flat EQ setting with all bands pumped up to 90, and ALSA volume set to just 40:

EQ distortion

As you can see, this has nothing to do with the DAC volume itself.  I suppose, the alsaeuqal is adding out-of-range gain to bands. Is there anything that can be done about it? Otherwise, this GEQ thing is no more than just a gimmick.

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