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Bad quality sound on MoodeAudio 6.x
(06-25-2020, 01:01 PM)Tim Curtis Wrote: It may exist for your particular configuration and environment but unless the issue can be reproduced by others it's strictly an isolated case.

There's no particular configuration. Just standard settings from GUI, which I already described. Others are welcome to test as well, no objection here.

This can't be an isolated case, unless the DAC is defective, which is very unlikely (why would it expose issues with EQ only then).

I purchased brand new Raspberry PI 4, Hifiberry DAC+ Pro HW rev. 2.6, steel case. Assembled, downloaded latest Moode image, checked md5, written image to 4GB sdcard, connected it to HK980 Harman Kardon amp (reminder: during recording I connected it directly to my sound card line-in, as I already described), powered on the box, followed the setup guide. Nothing was changed from cli, only basic settings in GUI. Which particular configuration you'd like to have? I understand, that this is not a commercial project, and I don't have the right to ask for any fix/improvements, but if you're interested in making your product better, then I'm ready to collaborate, provide detailed configuration details, screenshots etc. Otherwise, thank you for your efforts, I'll just live with the fact, that EQ doesn't work, no worries, and sorry for bothering you.

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