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Bad quality sound on MoodeAudio 6.x
I just noticed your addendum

Quote:UPDATE. I experimented with Flat setting; lowering all bands from default 66 to 56 removes any distortion, increasing it back to 66 and higher adds up distortion and it gets more and more prominent with sliders moved up.

It seems to me that this suggests an issue with the  predefined parameter values of some of the "named" filters and not with the graphical equalizer itself. 

The 0 - 100 range of the alsaequal values is seductively simple, but what does the quantity mean? From what you say above, I'd think it possible the straight-through "wire" setting (e.g., no modification of signal from input to output of the filter) is 50-...-50 rather than 100-...-100, but without an understanding of the underlying algorithm and its implementation in code, I'm just shooting in the dark.


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