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Problem: DSD128 and DSD256 over DoP
Hey all Smile
finaly i got my Moode 4.1 running some smal problems left ( how to turn on the 7" touch display Smile  )

but my biggest problem is dsd playback Sad
i use the
dop decoder from iancanda and for DSD64 it works perfect (when i look at the serial output of the soekris dam 1021 i get L02M which is correct for DSD64 when i try a DSD128 file also ofer DoP i get an L192 which means its just downsampled also the led on ians board shows i2s signal and the DSD led dont light up Sad

seems the DoP for DSD128 and DSD256 is messing somerthing up?`

cheers and thx janosch
In the mainline Linux kernels that Moode OS uses, only the Burr Brown PCM5xxx drivers support 352.8/384K rates over I2S interface. DSD128 DoP requires 352.8K rate.

If u are using rpi-dac or hifiberry-dac driver then max is 192K over I2S in mainline Linux kernel.

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hey tim damn that makes scence Big Grin is it possible to use another pcm driver with the std raspberry pi? problem is i want to use the isolator pi from iancanda and i think its only rpi and ondroid compatible GRRRR so DSD256 what would there be needed? :/

cheers and thx janosch

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