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OLED Display 16x2... doesn't work
Oh... yes probably this is the reason.
However, last night I made some steps forward.
At first I try to remove the DAC HAT and wire all the stuff directly to the Raspy.
1) The wake-up/shut-down button works perfectly. With a short touch it wake-up or shut-down the system. With a long touch (at least 4-5 secs) it forces an hard-reset.
2) The display works! Not completely, but works. I don't remember the right sequence, but at the beginning, running from the console the driver, it performs correctly the tests . The same using a simpler script that simply write some messages on the display. Then I try to run (the original one ) and Artist, Song, Elapsed/Duration time all it works fine (with scrolling text when required)..
After some minutes.. the system had some problems...



..and this is maybe due to the non perfect soldering. Is it correct?

So , now the question is: how can I control the soldering (in addition to a visual accurate inspection)? Using a kind of tester? Running a test program?

thanks in advance for any suggestions!
...and finally... IT WORKS! :-)

I made some checks about soldering. At first on the female 2x20 connector soldered on the DAC. 2 of 40 pins had problems, and unluckly both were used by the display (DB6 and DB7). So I modify the to set others GPIOs.
Second, a couple of connectors on the OLED display had been re-solderered... and not all the stuff works great.


And now... go with case painting and assembling!


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