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Idea: Single Pane of glass for my music
Tim and team!

I am looking for something that is rare to find.  That is a music application that is a single pane of glass to view my music through.    Some people hold up Roon as the high point of that standard, some think that is Logitech Media Server.  I think we need something different, new, better...

I know that this is pie-in-the-sky but here goes.  

Let's say that we LOVE the UI on MoODe for our local music library.  (a good premise to start). How can we use that same UI to show the online libraries of Tidal, Qobuz, Amazon, Spotifiy, Apple, Google to name a few.

We would need some sort of plug-in system design that would let each service be added as someone takes on the task.  I am SURE that some of the code could not be open source.  

Anyway, I am a dreamer.  I wish I was a better programmer (well current programming skills) to help to do this.

It's not just simple coding that's required. There are already API's for example Airable that federate many of the individual Music Service API's across a single, common API. There are also ways to make use of this API that satisfy it's licensing requirements while also being used by an Open Source application like moOde. Refer to link below for more information.

The missing piece is the funding to pay for the development and integration into moOde, and the recurring funding to pay Airable licensing fees.

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