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External (USB) DAC Sample Rate
I haven't tried an External DAC, but a friend of mine wants me to build a Moode Box for him, and he wants to use his Cambridge Audio DACMagic via USB.
It has incoming sample rates from 44.1khz to 96khz.
Is the sample rate that's output from the Moode system determined by the audio file or is it a setting in Moode?
Also, will the DACMagic "just work" if I select USB Audio in Moode as the device?

Thanks in advance!
The actual output rate will be based on the rate of the source file or stream after its decoded, the rates that the audio device supports and whether SoX resampling is enabled in MPD. The Audio info popup shows this.

Generally, if the output rate is not supported by the audio device, MPD and ALSA try to chose a rate that can work.
Thank you, Tim. Very cool.

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