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Idea: When you rename the player rename all the sub names
I would like it if when I changed the name of the player it would change all the root names

So moode to moodehp would change all the root names.

Added to TODO list
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Random thoughts:

Since I keep playing with multiple players in beta testing (and actually listen to several daily!), I routinely go the moodecfg.txt route because it consolidates all the name settings in one place.

Here's the name/subname settings in moodecfg.txt

browsertitle=moOde Player
airplayname=Moode Airplay
spotifyname=Moode Spotify
bluetoothname=Moode Bluetooth
upnpname=Moode UPNP
dlnaname=Moode DLNA
mpdzeroconf=Moode MPD

The same name settings are sprinkled throughout the moOde configuration pages.

The proposal says "the name of the player" which is a bit ambiguous but I'm assuming the hostname is meant. 

If so, it seems the request is for an in-player equivalent to editing moodecfg.txt by substitution of the user-supplied hostname for all instances of the string (m|M)o(o|O)de in the various name settings. 

That's basically what I do already in a simple script which helps simplify setting up multiple players with new major releases (perhaps not so coincidentally, my dedicated headphone player has also always been 'moodehp'!). 

Would the string substitution be done literally including upper/lowercase? (Convention is still for hostnames always to be in lowercase, although having internet software get confused by u/l-case is much less of an issue than it was when my friend wrote RFC1178 some 30 years ago.)

Would the individual name-setting options in the moOde configuration pages remain (and hence be able to override the mass renaming and v.v.)?

It would still be useful to allow the use of a moodecfg.txt file. Would it still require declaring every name or would it require only 'hostname=xxxxx'?

Assuming the general use case is to use the hostname with first letter caps for all the other names then yes the moodecfg.txt format could be reduced to just hostname= for the names section. I would be inclined though to just leave moodecfg.txt as-is cos its not something that most people use.
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I like the script. That might just be a way to help solve the problem of multiple players on the same network.

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