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Wifi connection For USBridge sig
IS there any special process for connecting the USBridge sig via WIFI ?

(Because I do not succeed !!)
What process did you use?
Plug USB /WIFI dongle + reboot

I went to the Moode web page UI interface => ethernet

When I leave the ethernet connexion activ my wifi acces point is detected within mood interface .. but
In fact do not have any wifi connexion (even after disconnecting ethernet + reboot)

When I disconnect Ethernet connexion the wifi acces point is not detect at all (after a reset)

(that's my process !!)

=> solution below founded on Allo web site in the Dietpi section !!!

2) RTL8812AU wifi driver : insert USB WiFI module on startup.

thanks to

ssh or terminal login using OS credentials

(before download , check the install-wifi already present or not ls /usr/bin/install-wifi
to avoid duplication remove it rm /usr/bin/install-wifi )

sudo wget -O /usr/bin/install-wifi

sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/install-wifi

for help

sudo install-wifi -h

sudo install-wifi

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