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Solved: Install
Hi there

I have upgraded my Beta version using the OS Builder.

I logged onto the box and ran the builder and installed it using the direct build method, over the top of the beta

A few reboots later - no errors of note, except an existing file in the php7.0-Fpm package which I did a manual install of the package for, and I have a working moode player

The only thing that bothers me is that it has not updated the About Moode info or the System Info - Release: 4 BETA12 2017-12-07

Should I have started from scratch, or do you think my install will be OK?

Either clear Browser cache or refresh Browser while the popup window is displayed.
Not sure why, but I had some strange behaviour and couldn't get audio working as expected, so I blew it away and have rebuilt it from scratch.

Thanks for taking the time though.
Sure no prob. I missed the part where you said that you installed over top of a Beta. That probably won't work too well. The Direct Build requires a fresh unmodified Raspbian Lite.

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