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Please don't hijack threads
An administrative plea for the new year-

There is no reason to hijack a thread on this forum. The forum software allows all registered users to post a new thread when they have a new subject/issue. Yet as I look through the past year of posts I see that time and again new subjects/issues were introduced on existing threads. When this is done, it's more difficult to follow a particular discussion and it's more difficult to search the forum later for useful information.

There are plenty of examples but for specificity consider Tim's "moOde 6.4.0 bug reports" thread. So far, this thread has 124 posts. Only a few of these posts have identified a bug in 6.4.0. In addition, there have been occasional update posts to this thread by Tim as he works toward 6.4.1. The majority of the 124 posts to this thread are *not* 6.4.0 bug reports but posts and rounds of responses about this and that. Meh.

Please create a new thread when you have an issue. Don't hijack threads and don't revive dead threads. The worst that can happen is a respondent will provide a link to an existing thread. The best that can happen is all of the posts on this thread stay on topic.

Just my 2-cents worth.

Hello Kent,

thank you for this important note. I think it is important to repeat this call automatically every 3 months (better every month), although it is not only the case in this forum.

I was recently in another forum where I found an interesting topic. The thread had more than 200! reply. Nobody needs it because nobody reads it. As you have already written, the interesting part can be at position 122 or so and will not be found.

I personally leave every post after the 20th response at the latest. Because I can't get that old ...

Best wishes

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