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Remarkable post on diyAudio 'bout audiophile DACs
(01-26-2021, 03:11 PM)Listener Wrote: Kent,
I think that you like this sort of thing. The pic is of my latest COVID project, a 2E22 single-ended amp. You can see a moode box just behind it with an Allo hat, separate supplies, and all that. The leds on the front are not decoration, they are the bias supplies for the 6N1P first stage--both triode sections run in parallel.



I like your esthetics, which remind me of gear I was making way back when. Tres chic. In contrast, most of my gear these days is breadboard chic with not a hint of glowing filament.

Thanks for pointing out the leds are functional. So many forget that d == diode. 

I tip my hat, sir. 


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