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Feedback, visual issue

I just install and test Release: 6.4.0 2019-11-24.
I come from Volumio i can only compare with him.

I globally found the Os really good on audio quality.
However the ui is really not user-friendly.

In details :

1. The sound is really good compared to volumio, i add tweaks from someone in this forum and that increase the quality in my configuration (Atoll amp + Cambridge usb dac + rpi4).

2. Installation is really easy that's a good point. Nevertheless settings are a bit hard on first time use but after several try it's "ok" (maybe making a more intuitive menu, graphically more airy)

3. I encountered an issue with the album focus when i go down too reach the last songs, the player mask them and i could not clic (see attached image track 11 and 12 are covered by the player and can't be reached)

EDIT : This came from my web browser (waterfox) i tried with firefox and works well !

4. i found the UI not really user-friendly, all those hidden buttons (clic on cover to see options, clic on artist bar to cancel selection, in the player no option to clear queue just replace and play option or delete songs one by one...) maybe three dots in an angle is a simple an more efficient solution (as in radio or album)

5. Results from the search box only gives albums results (maybe give artist or track result is a good idea i.e if the album and a track as the same name only the album is up).

6. Now about radios the choice is really limited (no shoutcast or icecast result) and its administration is not quite simple (remove one by one). I had to pilot the mpd with Cantata on Debian to make it easier to use.

7. Maybe Artist's picture could be drop from internet instead of the "moode" background.

In conclusuion i really like the quality you provided, but i have to admit that volumio gives a really good interface by the way.
Maybe you could take inspiration from them for ui and keep your good audio quality Smile

Hope this will help you to increase the quality of moode OS.


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