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Radio Paradise
(01-18-2021, 04:13 AM)LeVolatile Wrote:
(02-14-2020, 11:28 AM)BackinBlack Wrote:
Quote:The expansion of Radio Paradise adding Mellow, Rock and Eclectic mixes is a great move, even more of what you like!
Unfortunately the flac streams do not contain metadata, but the 320k AAC streams do, see here:
Radio Paradise streaming options

Thanks for all the great work Tim.

Happy Listening

Now, Radio Paradise added FLAC Links with metadata on the same page :
Main Mix FLAC (with metadata) (
Mellow Mix FLAC (with metadata) (
Rock Mix FLAC (with metadata) (
World/Etc Mix FLAC (with metadata) (

They say that we can increase the risk of dropouts or glitches, but I am using regularly since a week and they all works perfectly fine.  Hope you will add them in the next moOne release, Tim. :-)

Happy listening !


I have used those streams with meta data for many months now, since Moode 6.5 if I recall, no issues whatsoever, they are quite stable on Pi 4B, I don't have any glitches or dropouts, so I have deleted their MP3 streams a long time ago as they are not needed.
Which of the radio stations installed in Moode 7.0.1 are Flac
Open the Radio Manager and sort by Format.
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