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Connect a HifiBerry DAC+ Pro to an old Pi 1 Model b
Hello everybody,

I want to reuse some of my old hardware and found my really old Raspberry Pi 1 Model B rev.2 and a HifiBerry DAC+ Pro in my box.
Unfortunately you cannot connect them directly because the old Pi has only a 26Pin connection and the DAC uses the more common 40Pin design that was introduced with the Model B+ (PLUS)  Tongue

So the question was: What is necessary to connect them?
I found a post on the HifiBerry website where they use the P5 socket with there standard DAC.
After some investigation I found the solution!

And here is how it works:
a) You need to solder the 8pins into you Raspberry Pi at the position marked as P5 (directly under the P1)
b) Now you need a few jumper wires to connect the Pi to the DAC
c) Connect the DAC to your amplifier
d) Restart your system and config the moode for the DAC as described in the general config
e) Enjoy your music

And here is the wiring schematics:

Socket P1 -> Hifiberry DAC+ Pro
Pin1 -> Pin1 (3.3V)
Pin2 -> Pin2 (5V)
Pin3 -> Pin3 (GPIO2)
Pin4 -> Pin4 (5V)
Pin5 -> Pin5 (GPIO3)
Pin6 -> Pin6 (GND)

Your soldered Socket P5 -> Hifiberry DAC+ Pro
P5 Pin2 (3.3V) -> Pin17 (3.3V)
P5 Pin3 (GPIO 28) -> Pin12 (GPIO 18)
P5 Pin4 (GPIO 29) -> Pin35 (GPIO 19) 
P5 Pin5 (GPIO 30) -> Pin38 (GPIO 20)
P5 Pin6 (GPIO 31) -> Pin40 (GPIO 21)
P5 Pin7 (GND) -> Pin39 (GND)

The Herb Guy

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