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Column "ARTISTS"
Can we change the columns "ARTISTS" from tag albumartist  to artist ?

There is not enough information in your post. Are you referring to an issue in some part of the Library?
(02-23-2020, 11:31 PM)Tim Curtis Wrote: There is not enough information in your post. Are you referring to an issue in some part of the Library?

Ok, I come back with pictures.
@leglubert ,

It's standard for digital music players to prioritize 'album artist' tags over an individual track's 'artist' tag when both are populated in a file. You'll find this on any popular music playback/library software.
This allows albums that contain tracks by different artists to be seen as one album by the overriding album artist, such as compilation/mix albums or albums with feature artists.

If you have files with incorrect tags that are causing anomalies in your mpd library you should correct the tags in your files with a tagging program.
no it's not a standard, for example Twonky (and some others) use the tag "artist" and not "albumartist".

I simply want as other options, to have the choice, never in my softs I impose a so-called standard ...

as the choice is not proposed (whereas the previous versions were OK), so I don't use it anymore, too bad not?
And yet on the other hand this soft and very good ...

there is moreover to evolve in the good direction, in certain domains :-)

"Year + Album"
management of the "The, etc."
@vinnn is correct that when a track has both the artist and album artist tag populated most audio players will default to using the album artist tag. This is what moOde does and its to enable compilation albums where the album artist tag is populated with a string for example "Various Artists". This is done because there is no id3 standard tag to indicate a track is part of a compilation album.

Most user collections fit this convention very well but I'd like to understand what attributes of your particular collection require a new option to override the default preference for using album artist over artist if both are populated.

We already had this kind of conversation about "The" ...

"... Most user collections fit this convention very well ..."

it's always the same answer, and I always have the same statement for me, Smile , not all of them!

I put a photo of a particular example, the second column comes to rot the "ARTIST" column

it gives me an unusable screen

but it's okay, I'm abandoning the raspberry project, too bad because I liked Heart the previous versions, which used the tag "ARTIST"


[img][Image: 2020-05-18-19-10-57.png][/img]
[img][Image: IMG-20200518-193006.jpg][/img]
[url=[Image: 2020-05-18-19-36-12.png]][Image: 2020-05-18-19-36-12.png][/url]

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