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Pi Zero performance

Can anyone tell me what the performance on the Pi Zero is like?  I recently got Moode up and running on my 3B+ but I'm now thinking of getting a Pi Zero and trying it out on that.

Works great on my ZeroW, and Bluetooth is rock solid in upcoming 4.2 release :-)

Its easy to make another moOde image from the one you use on your 3B+

- Backup the 3B+ SDCard to a .img file
- Write the .img file to a new SDCard
- On the new SDCard image, create the file /boot/moodecfg.txt file and edit it with the names you want to use for the ZeroW including your WiFi SSID and password.
- Insert the SDCard in the ZeroW and power up. The ZeroW will power up then almost immediately reboot and automatically apply the names and WiFi settings.

The instructions for using moodecfg.txt are in moOde Setup Guide.

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Great! Thanks for the instructions - I'll give it a go.

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