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Selfsigned https: certificate?
when on my laptop which has a weird screen resolution, the moode interface in a browser window (chrome or edge win10) loses valuable screen real estate to the browser titlebar and then the address bar that is telling me that the location moode.local is insecure.  Even if I run the site as an app I get same address bar.

I wondered if a means of creating a self signed certificate so moode would run over https: would convince browsers that it is a safe site and thus the address bar could be hidden?
Both Chrome and Edge is... Chrome
This is an annoying quirk of Chrome, you could use a different browser like Chromium, Firefox etc. that doesn't come up with the http warning when typing a search term. Install a different browser, make a url shortcut to Moode from that browser, then laumch Moode from the shortcut.

F11 is full screen in most browsers by thw way.

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