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Problem: Randomize not working in 4.1
Hi Tim

Finally got round to trying out Moode 4.1 today.  Got it all up and working with my RPi and HifiBerry Digi+ OK, except for one thing - the feature you'd added in v3 (that I use all the time) which allows me to play randomly from my entire hard drive, refuses to work on 4.1 for me.  

I *think* I've done what you're supposed to do: MPD Auto-shuffle is set on, I select and play a track from my music library, select the Playback panel and select the Random icon.  I can get the selected track to play, but clicking the Next icon, which, in v3 would have brought up another randomly-selected track from the hard drive, does nothing.

I've tried also selecting the Consume Mode icon, de-selecting and re-selecting the icons repeatedly, re-booting the RPi, all with no success.

Any ideas on what else I might need to be doing?

BTW I installed/built Moode 4.1 on top of the latest version of Raspbian Stretch Lite (2018-04-18). I know you recommend the earlier version of Raspbian.  Could that be a cause of what I'm seeing?

Many thanks

Follow-up - looks like a problem when using Chrome on Mac. Switched to Safari and it all worked just fine.

I'm going to upgrade to the latest version of Chrome for the Mac and see if that helps

and a further follow-up. Upgrading Chrome to v67 did the trick. Actually I think what the problem really was, was that the old UI resources for v3 were cached in Chrome and causing confusion for v4.1. Upgrading and relaunching Chrome cleared the cache of course.

Anyway, hopefully this might help others who hit this issue

Thanks for the continuing great work, Tim.

Hi moOde fans,

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