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Disable bluetooth auto connect from a specific paired device

I'm using bluez-alsa on Moode and I love your work, thank you so much, it's working so well Smile) Sorry if it's the wrong place to ask this question :/ (I also posted it here:

I'm experiencing something boring with my laptop under Windows 10 (which is paired by Bluetooth with my Moode RPI 3 Speaker): every time I switch on my laptop, it automatically connects to my RPI3 bluetooth, and stops the music I'm playing with Moode. Is there a way to disable auto-connect for this specific device? Apparently, it's not possible on the Windows side (I'm not the only one to have this issue, with various bluetooth devices and Microsoft doesn't provide any solution, except unpairing the device:

I can't disable Bluetooth on my laptop, because I still want that my bluetooth mouse does autoconnect. Also, I want that my bluetooth headset autoconnects as well.
For the moment, I'm not experiencing the same kind of issue with my Android phone, but it might happen at some point I guess, as my phone is auto-connecting to my bluetooth headset.

To be very clear, my Windows laptop is where I play the music from, and the RPI3 is the speaker (it has a Allo Boss DAC).

I have searched other topics in the forum, but did not find the answer. What I found is the following:
- A reference ( to:
- Others have also noticed that many devices autoconnect ant that it can be boring:
-Here there's somebody who wants to auto-connect a speaker, but I'm the opposite in both ways (I DON'T want to autoconnect, and the involved device is not the speaker, it's the source of the music)

Thank you for your support!!
Bluetooth is a connection oriented protocol and Auto Connect is a feature of the Bluetooth source i.e., Windows Mac, Android, IOS, etc). To prevent Bluetooth auto connect you have to disconnect the particular device at the source.

Paired and Connected are two separate Bluetooth states so I don't understand the reply to the Windows question which stated that the pairing has to be removed. There can be multiple devices paired and then any combination of individual devices connected or disconnected.

I would recommend using Airplay instead of Bluetooth. Airplay is a session oriented protocol and thus avoids the need to first pair then connect/disconnect. Airplay audio quality is also much better than Bluetooth.
Thanks for your reply! Unfortunately, Airplay is not available on Windows or Android, as far as I know Sad
I had a reply on github: "When a paired device is trusted by the rpi, then connection requests from that device are accepted by the rpi; when it is not trusted then you have to initiate the connect request from the rpi." (

I'm not sure to understand, but is it something that could help here?

And am I wrong to think that AirPlay is not possible on Windows and Android?
You can do Airplay on Windows using Airfoil, Tuneblade, etc.

I'm not sure which app is best.
Today Bluetooth connection is often used for connecting wireless headset or speakers. This guide contains all the information on how you can enable or disable  Bluetooth on your laptop.

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