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Can’t setup a Wi-Fi connection and SSH initially refused on 4.1
I’ve now been using Moode for years and I’ve never experienced any issues with either enabling a Wi-Fi connection (I use an Eddimax Wi-Fi dongle attached to a Pi 2) or connecting to my Pi via Putty, until I decided to perform an upgrade to Moode 4.1.  

Perhaps these issues stem from the fact that I could only find the 2018-04-18 release of Raspbian Stretch Lite, but the Moode OS Builder appeared to complete its run correctly and I had no problem connecting to Moode via ethernet, and most of its configuration appeared to be going well. However, I just can’t setup a Wi-Fi connection to my home network.  Nothing has changed on the network or router, I have carefully followed the instructions (and I have realised that there’s now a requirement to specify a country, which I’ve done), but the thing just doesn’t work. Huh

OK, I then I attempted to connect to the pi via SSH but this was refused, but I worked out that this came down to now having the need of a text file called ‘ssh’, containing nothing, in the root folder of the SD card and once I had done this was overcome – please, please can the instructions be amended to reflect this!!

Anyway, once in I issued the command ‘sudo rfkill list’, which stated:  
1: phy1: Wireless LAN
        Soft blocked: no
        Hard blocked: no   

I would welcome any suggestions in terms of how I could get my wi-fi dongle working again, though starting to think that my 4.1 build could be corrupt…
I've updated the Support page at

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..ended up repeating the install and 4.1 is fully working now. Big Grin

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