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Upcoming moOde 6.6.0 feature release
Great to have a little more flexiblity for the number of albums on screen!

I see that pcs and tablets are being treated as one and mobile as an other ? For example can you a 27" monitor to 10.5" tablet  will have the same number of thumbs ?
Tablets have typical a higher dpi than pcs and the device pixel ratio is larger than 1. 
Currently I make a distinction between those two in my custom media types for moOde:

Also tablets and mobile typical havetwo modes landscape and portrait, how is that covered ? For example you can not always say 6x2 is the same 2x6 due the text below the thumb.
In almost all cases the width is leading for the number of thumbs. Personally I don't mind that not the entire row is visible as there at least 2 full rows.

As an example hereby the custom moode css configuration I currently use (and my eyes aren't the youngest anymore ;-) :

                                                               moOde config
                                                             number of thumbs  
                 dia     jsres*      dpr   dpi  native res  landscape  portrait
Samsung S9    |  5.8"   740x320      3.0   288  2960×1440     6x2       2x6
Samsung Tab A | 10.5"   1280x720     1.5   144  1920x1200     7x3       5x5.8
PC Monitor    |   24"   1920x1200    1.0    96  1920x1200     9x3.8      na

And I'm curious what kind of rules do you use to make distinction between monitor, tablet and mobile ?
(the commit had only the *.min.js files, so finding it back is little bit hard)


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