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Upcoming moOde 6.6.0 feature release
Added the wonderful Hi On Line 320K and FLAC streams :-)


Here's the current draft release notes

New features

- NEW: Radio feature with rich metadata and admin utils
- NEW: Option to adjust the number of thumbnail columns
- NEW: Option to display sample rate or HD badge in Library
- NEW: Filter Library by sample rate and/or audio format
- NEW: First use help for Playback/Playbar switch
- NEW: Support for Browser native image lazy load


- UPD: Bump to bluez-alsa 2.1.0-49ad348
- UPD: Use MusicBrainz date tags if present in track
- UPD: Use check mark style on Library menu
- UPD: Add X-Large font size option to Appearance
- UPD: Add album count to Tag view
- UPD: Improve renderer active and restart/shutdown overlays
- UPD: Improve fetch for cover image files
- UPD: Improve thumbnail generator

Radio stations

- NEW: Hi On Line - Classical
- NEW: Hi On Line - France
- NEW: Hi On Line - Gold
- NEW: Hi On Line - Jazz
- NEW: Hi On Line - Latin
- NEW: Hi On Line - Lounge
- NEW: Hi On Line - Pop (320K)
- NEW: Hi On Line - Pop (FLAC)
- NEW: Hi On Line - World
- NEW: Soma FM - Heavyweight Reggae
- UPD: Playable url for 4ZZZ FM
- UPD: Station logos for Absolut stations
- UPD: Station logo for Soma FM - DEF CON

Bug fixes

- FIX: Bluez-alsa hangs at end of Playlist
- FIX: Unhandled "Database locked" error in and
- FIX: Playlist line 2 left alignment in mobile portrait
- FIX: Wrong cover artist when album header clicked in Tag view
- FIX: Header text for "Recently added" being set incorrectly
- FIX: Empty search filter not resetting lib header
- FIX: No media query for Pi Touch 443 x 799 viewport (Sq Pixels)
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