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Upcoming moOde 6.6.0 feature release
Hi Tim,

Am I in thinking that 6.6.0 may feature an updated version of upmpdcli?

If so, just to let you know that I’ve just upgraded upmpdcli to ver 1.4.12 and in ran into an issue - the volume level that the renderer has for a radio source (as derived from upmpdcli-radio.conf) now differs and appears to be independent to the volume level that’s assigned to a playlist for a media server. For example, if I start off by listening to a radio source and set the volume to let’s say ‘80’, then play a track from a media server, there’s no guarantee that the volume level for the track would remain at ‘80’, rather it would be at the volume level that had previously been set for the playlist. If I then adjust the volume of the track to say ‘50’, then skip back to the radio source, then the volume level for that will continue to be set at ‘80’.

I've reported this issue to Jean-Francois and hopefully there will be a fix soon. In the meantime, i'm reverting back to ver 1.4.10 which didn't feature this issue

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