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Upcoming moOde 6.6.0 feature release
Not sure if I should post this here, or in 6.5.etc..   but I noticed something odd during my finding the Crossfeed/EQ  data rate compatibility issue I stumbled across with my DAC... (posted on here some several weeks back) that turned out to be mostly a localized, not so big issue...   But,  in the process of figuring that out,  I noticed something I've meant to bring up.

When I was comparing a 6.4.2 Moode system with a 6.5.2 one,  in running with the headphone crossfeed filter enabled and high bitrate/data rate feeds...   I noticed that the later version seemed to use a LOT more CPU than the earlier one.  To say it another way, when running the same extra filtering, under the same hardware and conditions.,  the newer version had a much higher load,  what was a 30% load under 6.4.2,  became a 70% under 6.5.2.   This was drastically different enough to make me wonder.  This is on a Pi 3 1.2,  so a sort of fast board.  70% CPU use is a lot, but probably not problematic,  though the more headroom the better,  for a quiet, uninterrupted system. Haven't tried it on something lower powered.  I worry if on a Pi-0 or Pi-1 it might go from able to run a EQ or Crossfeed filter with no problems, to it compromising the system if you do.

Anyway, it's two different versions of MPC (0.21.16,  to 0.21.22) and am wondering if there is some kind of config thing that maybe needs attention,  or something.  That's a lot of change in CPU use for the same task.  I wouldn't expect it from a minor revision change.

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