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Small Control Panel on Main Screen for Quick Access to Some Switches in Config
Would it be possible to have a small control panel on the main library screen with configurable buttons in it?
The reason I would like this is that although I mainly listen to the MPD player inside moode, I often want to switch the squeezelite player on because I listen to Qobuz via Logitech media server and it would be a great help to have a button to enable squeezelite accessible from the main screen so I don’t have to go through to the configuration menu to be able to switch it on.
Other controls that people might want to use quickly could be things like on / off switches for airplay, upnp, EQ etc, so there could be a small panel (e.g. at the top of the album view screen in the blank real estate between the centre and the left or right side) with some slots for controls people want to access frequently. In the config menus, some controls could have an option to put them in the panel on the album view screen, so the user could choose which features they want to access frequently and put them in the panel.
Thanks for consideration – hope this is a sensible suggestion!
The Library panel does not have much free space on mobile and so putting a button bar in the header would not be possible. I don't think its really needed though because all the renderers including Squeezelite can just be left on. They only become active when a client connects.

Note that Squeezelite obeys the Power on/off state of LMS when its running otherwise it defaults to on. What this means is that if LMS is not running, Squeezelite becomes active and takes over from MPD. This is not a moOde issue its just the way LMS/Squeezelite works.

Menu, Configure has some quick links to the EQ's and some other configs. Other quick links could be added if it makes sense to do so.
I didn't know that, and this has fixed my issue better than the panel I was suggesting so thanks! I was seeing the moode display blank out and say "squeezelite is active" every time I enabled squeezelite but based on the post above I realised that you can control the squeezelite from the lms - i.e. turn it off and on using the power button in the lms UI. Much better - thanks again

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