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Multiple Radio Station Deletion - Select and Delete on Masse
(05-12-2020, 10:25 PM)DRONE7 Wrote:
(05-12-2020, 01:42 PM)bluebossa Wrote: The ability to edit and manage multiple Radio Stations on Masse would be great...

Multi select - then Delete, at present SSH is the only way I believe which is cumbersome...

I have always found this very easy from a linux (Ubuntu) graphical desktop. 
Using the file manager to access moOde via network share and being presented with the folders, including radio.

Open Radio and select all stock stations and cut and paste them into a new folder "stock" then create another folder "favourites".
Update the library and refresh. Then when you open the radio tab in the library you have the two folders to select from.

Mass deleting works fine too. As does adding bulk from the ub and diduntu graphical filesystem.
In addition it is a simple matter to copy off the favourites folder for reinstall on another moOde.

Wow that was easy. Thank you, DRONE7.

I crossed my fingers and installed the file manager "GNU midnight commander" (sudo apt install mc) which is text-based, so the moving  was possible to do all via ssh.

This is such a simple solution.

Thanks again


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