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Problem: Moode 6.5.2 and old RPI2
Last night I try to connect the old RPi (with no DAC HAT for now) using another Wi-Fi dongle and works perfectly. In the meantime I connect it to the AVR through HDMI, but if I'd want to connect to the 2ch Stereo Amplifier, I suppose I have to use the 3.5" audio jack of the RPi (supposing I have to use a 3.5" jack <-> RCA Stereo cable). Do I need some configuration to redirect audio stream through it instead of HDMI or is it automatic ?
oh, only to play I try to plug a standard smarthpone headphones in the analog audio output on the RPi... and it works! I've instead supposed that the signal should be mandatory send to an amplifier... a new discover for me..
The Pi's onboard sound chip is terrible though, so it's still best to aim towards outputting to an external DAC,

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