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new problem with upmpdcli Tidal plugin
So for those seeing this issue again it's likely that the new token in the upmpdcli source code (seemingly last updated May 17th, see the project's news board) has been expired by Tidal, so the token lasted a month. Might be the case that these tokens only last a month going forward.

So you can find your own token or wait until the upmpdcli project updates their code with a new token and reapply or access Tidal within a supporting UPnP app and send to Moode's renderer.
If they are rolling the token monthly then upmpdcli will have to be updated monthly irrespective of the source of the updated token----capturing it from some Tidal app might get it sooner but it won't obviate the necessity.

This has become an academic exercise for me now that I've dropped my Tidal subscription in favor of a subscription to Primephonic. I prefer the latter's classical music selections. That I have to use a separate app on my iPad and stream to moOde via Airplay is a non-issue for me.

An 'oh, by the way' comment.

I was looking just now at the upmpdcli repo to see how logging is handled (subject of a different thread). I came across this entry in the git log

commit d63ba916ce43d4b6ec0a974c24fc7606ecf7a608
Author: Jean-Francois Dockes <>
Date:   Sun May 17 10:44:14 2020 +0200

   Update tidal api token and allow setting it from the config file (tidalapitoken). Return it in ohcred get data

So, the good news is, once moOde bumps to the current version of upmpdcli, it will be possible to edit the api token right in the configuration file (/etc/upmpdcli.conf in moOde).

The bad news is, you'll still have to play Whack-A-Mole. Here's what the upmpdcli dev says in response to the "Tidal login failure again" issue posted to his repo:

Jean-Francois Dockes @medoc92 · 3 weeks ago
It seems that there are number of tokens floating around. For example, searching for Tidal 3rd party apps tokens on a search engine seems to yield some results.



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