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MPD Error : Failed to open ALSA default..
Hi guys,
today I had the idea to try to implement a new python script for my system, trying to get info "currentsong.txt" file generated by Moode (enabling the corresponding option in Configuration->System ). 
Ok, turning on the streamer, trying to select a Radio, and I've got an unexpected error message:

                  MPD Error
Failed to open "ALSA default" (alsa);
Failed to open ALSA device "hw:0.0";
Device or resource busy 

Obviously nothing change in my configuration (only turn ON the option to create the currentsong.txt file.
This happens if I try to play from a Radio, or if I try to play a music file of my Library.

Any idea (except of course reflash Moode on a new microSD card) ?

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A quick test and its working ok on my end.

If you have Squeezelite renderer on, turn it off from LMS or turn the renderer off in Audio Config otherwise it will hog the audio output.

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