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Problem: Theme not updating on local UI

I've just got Moode running on a Pi2 which I am loving. I've got it connected to an AV receiver via HDMI so I'm taking advantage of the local UI feature, but when I update the accent colour in the customise setting, the only thing that changes on the local UI is the volume/time knobs. Other coloured text doesn't change, nor does the highlighted tab at the bottom. 

It updates just fine on my phone browser, it just doesn't update on the TV.

Is there a way I can change this? A cache to clear or something? 

Thanks in advance.

Prolly local Browser cache. I've added a nice "Clear local cache" setting to moOde 4.2 but for 4.1 you can try clearing the cache manually via ssh using the cmd below.

sudo rm -rf /home/pi/.cache/chromium

Then Menu, Refresh. This usually works but sometimes LocalUI has to be restarted from System config to force the cache refresh.

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That did it, thank you! I've just seen that 4.2 is on the way, do we know when, or are ETA requests forbidden round here? ?
Hi moOde fans,
I can imagine how annoying it can be. I'll take a look around.

I plan on donating when I've checked out the software a bit more. Loving it so far!

Thank you for your reply

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