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Solved: Files on SD Card Not Showing up in Library
Hi There,

Absolute newbie and this maybe an extremely stupid question. I tried looking up the issue via Google and on this forum. However, did not find any clues to solve my issue and thought of asking this here.

1. I installed Moode for the first time.
2. Post installation, I configured it normally and expanded the SD Card File system.
3. Then, using my Windows machine, I copied a set of MP3 files to the SD Card folder on the Moode System.
4. Post that, I clicked Regenerate Music Library and Regenerate Album Cover Thumbnail cache. View status shows "Done: 2 albums processed"

I checked /mnt/SDCARD. The folder and the files are all there. The ownership of the files is root.root and each of the files has read permission for others. 

When I browse moode.local, I see a bunch of radio stations and LR Channel and Phase (test file). The issue is that the folder that I added along with the MP3 files in it, is not visible. 

I will mainly be playing files from the SD Card. Wanted to know if I am missing something and if I need to enable SDCard as a Music Source somewhere.

Any assistance in resolving this issue will be greatly appreciated.
View the MPD log for errors.

cat /var/log/mpd/log
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Tim, thank you for the quick response.

It was more of a problem lying between the keyboard and the chair. Managed to figure it out after a while. I was using Brave Browser with Shields up. As a result, was not seeing the proper interface to access files on the SD Card. Turned the shields down on Brave. Now can see the required folder.

PS: Have been using it for just a few hours. But love the product. Thank you for all your efforts on this.

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