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Silent HDD Recomendation for NAS
Hello, and excuse me if this question shouldn't be posted here.

Currently I'm using a 4TB Toshiba X300 HDD in my D118 Synology NAS. The problem is that the thing makes a lot of noise when reading files. I listen to music right next to it for space reasons, and sometimes it turns me crazy. I'm searching for a sustitute, so I would like to know if someone has any recommendation for HDD that don't make much noise.

Thanks for the help.
Do you really mean 4GB? That's pretty small. You should be able to get a solid state drive to replace that at not much cost. Being solid state, no noise at all on access.
(06-03-2020, 03:17 PM)the_bertrum Wrote: Do you really mean 4GB?  That's pretty small.  You should be able to get a solid state drive to replace that at not much cost.  Being solid state, no noise at all on access.

Sorry, my mistake Blush . I meant 4TB.
Naw, The Toshiba X300 HDD appears to be 4TB. 

I would have suggested just swapping it for a SSD but 4TB SSDs are still pretty costly. The D118 Synology has a single drive bay so it's an all-or-nothing problem if the files have to be stored there.

I have no experience with >1TB hard drives and no idea what makes or models would be quiet enough.

Part b of my reply  Rolleyes 

It occurs to me that you may be using the Synology for a variety of purposes besides hosting your music collection.

How big is the collection? If it's less than, say, 1TB, you could build a second NAS with a much less expensive SSD and put the music there.

You can get a 1TB SanDisk Ultra 3D SSD direct from the Western Digital store for the current sale price of USD 140 and an Odroid-HC2 from Ameridroid for USD 65 plus another USD 15 or so for case and power supply and end up with a NAS for half the cost of just a 4TD SSD. (Full disclosure: this is what I did some years ago with the previous Odroid-HC1. It has been running OpenMediaVault continuously for three years, not counting the times I've shut if off to move it or to change to a bigger drive.)

Even cheaper, you put your music on a local USB SSD. In particular, USB3 thumbdrives work great on the new RPi4Bs.

would that also be in question?

Because an SDD 4TB is very expensive. Smile Smile

I prefer to use SSDs with USB adaptors connected directly to the Pi USBs. No need for a NAS and my other Pis running Moode can also access them, as well as my PC for adding/editing the Library. Just need to make sure there's enough power to your Pi.

Thank you all for responding and add new ideas to solve the problem.

What I forgot to say is that I use 2 Raspberries in different rooms, so right now the NAS is the most convenient solution. I have seen external drives that only make vibration noise, thats why I asked for HDD thinking that maybe it was this models issue.

I suppose I will have to wait for affrodable SSDs.

Again thanks a lot for your time.
I use a pi4 with a fan and a 1TB usb drive as a nas and that's pretty silent.
The sound is mostly seeking noise. I'll check the disck for issues, one friend that many readings just for music is not nomal.

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