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LOCAL UI - Customize Presentation on 5" Display via HDMI
@AudioFool77 I am looking fot something similar, but I'm a complete noob in css and programming. I saw around the Internet that someone has done somenthing like that with other oss. I don't know if it's possible to do someting similar on Moode.
That would be great.

@Tim Curtis Thank you and your team for the great job you've done making an exceptional player. I think, however, that nowadays, with big lcd displays, could be awesome to have the chance to slightly customize the appeareance of the UI.
Nothing radical I mean.
I'm using the standard coverart view and it is wonderful. I simply would like to: move the coverart picture to the left (or the right) and have Tracktitle, Artist, album and frequency/codec/bitrate plus progressbar on the opposite side.
This is only a suggestion, not a request! Smile 

as it is: 

As I would like it could look: 

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