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Direct URL for Cover View?
I was wondering is there a way to open directly the cover view / screensaver page so I can show the currently playing cover art on a monitor. If so what is the URL I need? If not, any hack / workaround? BTW still on moOde v.6.4.2
Alternatively, can I set the timeout value to zero? What file should I edit, where is it persisted?

I traced it down to /var/local/www/db/moode-sqlite3.db and tried:

UPDATE cfg_system SET value = "0" WHERE param = "scnsaver_timeout";

I tried a few different values -- 0, 1, 10, doesn't seem to have the desired effect.

Well, setting it to 10 does have an effect but it takes still like 15-20 seconds to make the switch
I came back to this problem today and I found a way around it. Adding

to the end of the jQuery(document).ready() call in /var/www/js/scripts-panels.js seems to work -- chromium opens directly in screen saver view. Prone to break on update but none is coming for the 6.4 series.

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