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Problem: GPIO button false trigger on startup
You have me there. Like I said, I haven't done any digital control work with an RPi and haven't explored RPi.GPIO.

If I understand your intent, it shouldn't matter if the event is triggered when you press the button or when you press and release the button.

Looking at /var/www/command/, right now you're detecting the release, e.g., GPIO.RISING.

What happens if you reverse the detection polarity to GPIO.FALLING? [added in edit: along with an appropriate change to the call-back function, of course.]

This is a band-aid solution but nothing ventured, nothing gained. I'd still want to understand what's causing the occasional detecting of a rising edge with no button activity, but I think that's a question better suited asked of the RPi.GPIO maintainer Ben Croston (see, e.g.,


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