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Solved: Issue with Spotify Connect idling / some devices not seeing Moode

I have a number of issues and am hoping someone can help me. My set up is as follows:
  • Mikrotik router - this is the "gateway"
  • 2 Omada TP Link access points
  • Pi Hole installed on a Pi 3
  • Pi Zero W + miniBoss from Allo with moOde installed
My use case is to stream Spotify only. I prefer not to use bluetooth due to the compression and wanted a dedicated streaming device (otherwise calls, notifications etc) all interrupt the music. I have the latest version of moOde installed.

My issues are as follows:
  1. Spotify Connect intermittently stops while music is playing. I can login to the moOde WebUI restart the Spotify receiver and it will again. This can happen anywhere between 1 to couple of hours
  2. Spotify Connect stops after a long idle i.e. over night. Again I can login to the moOde WebUI to restart Spotify
  3. From time to time after a long period of idle, the moOde WebUI may also not accessible/intermittently accessible and the static address of the moOde is no longer visible in the ARP table of my router. I have to do a hard reset by unplugging the device to resolve. EDIT - one other strange thing here is, whilst this the moOde device is not visible in the ARP table of my router, it is still visible in the Omada interface (i.e. the wireless access point management software). As an alternative a hard restart, if I have a web SSH session open, I can wake it up via SSH or I can force a Wifi reconnect using hte Omada interface
  4. Nothing else on my Wifi network can see moode. I have tried using Fing on an Android phone, going to the IP address on a browser on various mobile devices and laptops (connected to Wifi) and nothing works. However I am able to ping moode from any laptop or device connected via Ethernet and access the WebUI through any device connected through Ethernet

Now I know that issue 4 above is probably related to a network configuration issue, which is something I need to investigate myself (though I do not have anything complicated such as vlans etc setup). I only mention it because it may be something that is impacting issues 1, 2 and 3 above, or on the off chance that this is something someone else has experienced and may have a solution to. It feels like to me there may be some wifi power off / sleep after idle issue but this is a hunch.

Thanks for reading though all that. Please let me know if anyone has a solution or if there are any logs I need to submit (and how to get them). This is really driving me nuts!
Until you fix your network problems (#3, #4) I see no hope point in trying to address your Spotify issues (#1, #2).

I have not had any issues with Spotify Connect between the Spotify renderer in moOde 6.5.2 on RPi3/RPi4 and either the Spotify Web player on my Linux Laptop or the Spotify apps on my iPad and my Google Pixel 3a phone. All devices are connected to my LAN via internal WiFi adapters.

I'll leave a player running overnight just to check.

All the OP's issues suggest an underlying network problem. I have some of my Pi's on for weeks at a time without any loss of connectivity.
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moOde player? Yup. Same here; weeks at a time. The Spotify renderer and Spotify Connect? Nope, not more than a few hours. Just taking the "trust but verify" approach.   Angel
I have a temp Spotify Premium sub. What steps to repro?
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Sorry, bad choice of words. I just meant I haven’t monitored it on a long time scale. Never had a problem connecting whenever I wanted.
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Thanks all for the responses. Yep it was a network issue. The SSID was broadcasting both 2.4 ghz and 5 ghz. I created another SSID and only turned on 2.4 ghz and it is working perfectly now. My guess is that the Omada system kept trying to push the Pi Zero W onto 5 ghz and it some how crapped out the Wi-Fi link.

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