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Upgrade from Pi 3 to Pi 4 -- just move the Micro SD?
I've got a 2GB Raspberry Pi 4B (2GB) on order to upgrade my moOde server.  Can I just move the Micro SD from the old Pi 3B+ to the Pi 4B, thus retaining all of the settings and data?  Or does moOde go through some kind of self-configuration when it is first run in order to adapt to the model of Pi on which it is running?

My reasons for upgrading are performance-related.  I want to go from wireless to wired networking.  The 4B is much faster on wired Ethernet and its Ethernet port does not share a bus with the USB ports, one of which which I am using with my DAC.  Because my music is stored on a NAS (8 x 3GB RAID 6), speeding up the network connection should yield more benefits for me than it does for someone who stores their music on a drive local to their moOde server.  Everything from the moOde web-based UI to the music being played is moving over the network in my setup.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.
  Miss Sissy Princess

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Upgrade from Pi 3 to Pi 4 -- just move the Micro SD? - by Miss Sissy Princess - 07-02-2020, 02:50 PM

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